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Hi Beautiful and welcome to our GC Affiliate Hub!

We welcome you as part of our GC Family and thank you for your loyalty and support of our brand! We are really hoping to change this industry by being more inclusive of creators big & small. We have very few rules but here they are.

1. Be authentic! Please never show a product on your channels that you don't love with a capital L💜 You following will appreciate your honesty !
2. Be supportive of other creators. Make it a point to comment, rate or subscribe / follow your peers! Remember, what you put out is what you get back
3. Do not post your links / codes on any coupon sites such as or we will be force to suspend your account.
4. Have fun and keep it about the makeup.
5. Use our hashtags #gerardcosmetics #GCsquad and #GClove when posting your looks.
6. Use the message function here or email to [email protected] if you need assistance. 
7. Make sure to follow Gerard Cosmetics & Whitening Lightning on all your socials!

I have created a Facebook group entitled GC Affiliate Hub. I will be doing lives in here and posting how to videos . Fair warning, these videos will be very cruse (made with my phone) because I want to make them myself and you all know making videos is not my lane. Here is a link to the group. All you have to do is request to join. Once approved make sure to post your links so others can support you.

If you want to learn more abut my philosophies and feelings about the industry , please watch this video
Or follow me no my socials @hyimjen for Twitter (I am most active here) , Snap and Instagram or Jen Gerard on Youtube and Facebook !

Our team has already set you up with your own unique account. You can click here to login. To Reset your password, enter your email in and say forgot password. Your sales will be tracked with your unique affiliate code.

We are open to all suggestions so please don't hesitate! We want to do what works best for everyone so please don't hesitate!

Once again welcome! We love you so maaach!❤️❤️

Jen Gerard